A message for the masses, a meditation for the self

As my month of stillness continues, I’ve managed to enjoy some quiet reading in between conference calls. It was a practice I had tried out in April of last year as a way to cope with the lockdown that came down on us unexpectedly in March, and this eventually led to the reading retreat, which on hindsight was a boon to my sanity. Maybe something to do with April and new beginnings, I decided to try and do the same this year too. A half an hour after lunch, an arm chair at the corner of my office, that 30 minutes does wonders to my workday.

Here is a beautiful thought-provoking paragraph from “Over the edge” by Christina Lopes that I would like to share with you:

Imagine standing on a stage in a filled stadium. Someone passes you a microphone. You know that whatever you say will be heard all over the stadium and perhaps beyond. Now, imagine you can only say one full sentence before the sound is turned off. What would you say? What would be the most important thing you could tell a stadium full of people?

Something to think about in the moments of peace in my month of stillness. I invite you to give some thought to this too – if you could convey one message to a whole lot of people, what would it be? In other words, what do you stand for? Deep down, who are you? I think it is a beautiful way to go #beyondlables, to talk about your identity, about what you stand for, without resorting to labels. Go on, give it a try.