Curiosity saved the cat: the liberating power of asking simple questions

Recently, I had the opportunity to address FISAT Business School’s MBA 2020 batch. While preparing for this event I thought long and hard- what I do say to these students who embark onto such an important life phase this day, and that too in the midst of a global pandemic? If I could time travel to 20 years ago, to the start of my masters, what would I want to tell my younger self? ⁠

The answer came to imbibing four words in my life- curiosity, courage, creativity and care.

remains a greatly unrealized yet equally important trait to achieve success. As we grow up, we forget the power of asking questions. Consequently, as adults we do not realize its role in effective leadership.

Here is Part 1/4 of my⁠ speech where I address the beauty of curiosity and how it creates true and innovative leaders.