The Sky Has Moved Away

** NEW RELEASE: 5 DEC 2023**

Title: The Sky Has Moved Away
Author: Surya Ramkumar
ISBN: 978-9948782292
Publisher: The Dreamwork Collective
Available: Paperback, E-Book


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Lagos is on fire. Once known as the powerhouse of Africa, the sprawling city is melting under a deadly heatwave.

Martin, however, is mostly oblivious. He moved to Lagos with a top job with one of the world’s most profitable oil companies. Trained to think of nothing but profit margins and his own career, his eyes are firmly set on the bottom line.

Ansara, on the other hand, is finding life impossible since her father died working in unsafe conditions at the oil company. As a single mother to a young son who doesn’t speak, she faces disastrous consequences when she suddenly loses her own job for no good reason.

When Ansara finds herself working for Martin as his cook, she thinks her prayers have been answered. As tensions rise and protests at the oil company get out of control, Ansara and Martin are suddenly thrown together in the unlikeliest of ways. But Martin stands for everything that has rendered Ansara’s life in her country unbearable – can they ever overcome their differences?

As Mother Nature unleashes her fury, and the world around them burns, can they find their common thread of humanity?

“This is a brilliant book! I have enjoyed every page of it!”

– JW, United States of America.

“An excellent story that makes you re-examine so many facets of your own life. I absolutely loved it.”
– AD, United Kingdom.

“I couldn’t put the book down, I had to know what happened to the characters! Kept me turning the pages right to the end. Beautifully written.”

– KAS, India.

A stellar work from a new voice!

– SN, United Arab Emirates.

“This is a story that we all need to read right now! It shows, without any shrouds, the consequences of our actions – the impact on nature, and in turn, the consequences for us. Not as facts and figures, but as real stories of real people. I cried by the end of the book, and I really didn’t want it to end.”

– MP, Singapore

The events of “The Sky has moved away” revolve around the vagaries of Ansa’s life, marked by catastrophic-events, but it is a much larger story – a timely and relevant reflection of now, about love and loss, greed and compassion, violence and kindness, and capitalist exploitation and personal transformation. A highly recommended read!

– AS, The Netherlands